Philippe Tartavull Bio

Philippe Tartavull Bio
From 1998 to 2007, Mr. Tartavull supported as President of Oberthur Card Systems of The usa Corp., next a year since the company’s Chief working policeman. Oberthur is among the world’s trusted carriers of card-based systems contains SIM (Subscriber name Module) and multi-application clever playing cards as well as related products, methods and services, focusing on the mobile interactions, payment, recognition, transportation and multi media industries, with clientele including the ideal US banking institutions, important telecom system providers and medical vendors, and the US federal government.

From 1988 to 1998, they functioned as chairman and ceo of Thales/Syseca Inc., a provider of techniques integration providers and quest crucial pc software when it comes to transportation and utilities business.

Mr. Philippe Tartavull are leader & fundamental exec Officer at Xura, Inc. Mr. Tartavull once was hired as Interim president by MRV Technologies Inc, chairman & Chief Executive specialist by Hypercom Corp., head working Officer by Oberthur cards programs United States, director & leader Officer by Syseca, Inc., ceo & leader policeman by Thomson-CSF, leader & Chief Executive specialist by Hypercom Financial Terminals abdominal, and Vice President-Sales & Marketing by Thales Ideas software SA.
To know more about philippe tartavull biography and philippe tartavull ceo, please visit all of our website philippe tartavull ceo.Philippe Tartavull enjoys in excess of 20 years of experience in greatest global technology agencies. Extremely successful in offering profitable expansion. Directs with integrity, teamwork and accountability.

Since May 21, 2012 she's servicing as director and Chief Executive Officer and director of Xura (NASDAQ:MESG), the world’s top vendor of products and systems for payment and energetic customer procedures and value-added treatments. Xura is present in 124 countires.

From 2007 to 2011, he presented as President, ceo and Director of Hypercom group (NYSE:HYC) a $500M business with selling in 135 nations. Hypercom provides secure cost tips. From 1998 to 2007, Mr. Tartavull supported as President and President of Oberthur Card methods America. Oberthur targets the installment, cellular communications, and identification stores.

Just before joining Oberthur, Mr. Tartavull functioned as President and President of Thales/Syseca, Inc., a carrier of mission-critical devices when it comes down to moving and tools businesses. Mr. Tartavull received past managerial placements with Compagnie Internationale des companies Informatiques (CISI) and Baker Global.